The Cleric

Name: Henklestout Son of Thugwart
Class: Dark Cleric
Level: 1              HP:    36
Race: Dwarf
Deity:  Raven Queen of the Dark
STR:   16         DEX:  10
AC:     21
CON: 14        FORT: 13
INT:   11         REF:    15
WIS:  16         WILL:  11
CHA: 13         INIT:   +4

Languages: Common/Dwarven
- Shadowstone Hammer: Damage: 1d8 + Blight effect to Undead. Rune carved and cold to the touch.
- Oaken shield of oak. Banded twice and riddled with arrows.

Click for the call of the Raven Queen... if you are strong enough.